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    來源:http://www.rakiaco.com/ 日期:2021-05-21 發布人:admin
    There are many reasons for the increase of fuel consumption of self-propelled mixer. But the common and easy to be ignored is the inspection of tire pressure. Insufficient tire pressure will not only increase the driving resistance and fuel consumption, but also affect the service life of self-propelled mixer tire.
    Methods to prevent fuel consumption of self-propelled mixer: provide self-contained tire pressure gauge and check tire pressure of self-propelled mixer frequently. Remember not to forget the check of the spare tire, so as not to find that the spare tire can not be used when it is urgent to replace it. When the temperature is high, the tire pressure will be higher than usual. The tire pressure measured in cold weather or in the shade is more accurate. The position of the tires should be changed every 10000 km to avoid too much difference between the front and rear wear. If it is necessary to replace the severely worn tires, two or four of them should be replaced at the same time, and the tires with the same grain can be replaced alternately. In addition, the tire with broken line pattern helps to save fuel.
    The electric system of self-propelled mixer consists of three parts: cooling fan control part and rear position indicator part.
    自走式攪拌車冷卻風扇控制部分:冷卻風扇的起停由溫度開關自動控制,溫度高于 6 5℃時風扇啟動,低于60℃時風扇停止。溫度開關位于冷卻器上,繼電器與保險片在蓄電池旁電源繼電器盒內。后示廓燈部分:后示廓燈用于夜間表示車后部輪廓大小,與后牌照燈同時點亮與熄滅。
    Self propelled mixer cooling fan control part: the start and stop of the cooling fan is automatically controlled by the temperature switch. The fan starts when the temperature is higher than 65 ℃, and stops when the temperature is lower than 60 ℃. The temperature switch is located on the cooler, and the relay and fuse are in the power relay box beside the battery. Rear clearance lamp part: the rear clearance lamp is used to indicate the size of the rear contour of the vehicle at night, and is on and off at the same time as the rear license plate lamp.
    The main electrical components of self-propelled mixer include: a relay and relay base, flashing buzzer, push-pull switch, button switch, chip fuse and wiring base, etc.