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    來源:http://www.rakiaco.com/ 日期:2021-05-25 發布人:admin
    In recent years, the loading cement mixer has been widely used in various small and medium-sized projects in China and even at home and abroad. The boom, cab and mixing tank look like a small version of excavator and tank truck. In fact, the function is also related.
    However, the big arm of the self loading cement mixer is called the loading arm. The daily loading of cement, sand, stone, aggregate and other raw materials is delivered to the mixing tank mouth, and the capacity of the mixing tank is not large, which is mostly 1-4 cubic meters. The difference from the tank truck is that the self loading cement mixer can directly mix concrete at the construction site, instead of going to the commercial mixing station to load concrete, And then transported to the construction site.
    It can supply water and material automatically, and can mix and transport automatically. This is the best explanation for self loading cement mixer.
    As for the question of whether the self loading cement mixer can be used, it is also a question of the level.
    1. From the top of the car, there are five, six or even seven or eight workers on the top of the car
    2. From the top of the cement mixer, you can go up and down the mountain to the plateau and grassland
    3. As long as it is not illegal operation, the later return is quite large
    4. It can be used for self loading cement mixer as long as the right brand is selected according to the price, performance, quality and service (construction machinery vehicles are no better than other types of vehicles, with high operation intensity and high frequency, so quality and service are quite important)
    Laizhou Jufeng machinery focuses on the industry for many years, focusing on the production and research of self loading cement mixer. Welcome to our website http://www.rakiaco.com For consultation and understanding, welcome to visit