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    來源:http://www.rakiaco.com/ 日期:2021-06-02 發布人:admin
    1、 Reduce the speed properly when driving.
    2、 Pay attention to rest when driving at night. Don't drive drowsily in order to arrive at the destination early. Sleep to a temporary, often is the beginning of the incident. The right way is: when you feel a little tired, immediately choose the nearest service area or parking lot to have a rest or sleep to eliminate fatigue.
    3、 When driving at night, the driver should concentrate his attention, carefully observe the taillights of the vehicles in front, and make correct judgment in time. The most effective way to drive safely at night is to choose a vehicle in front of your own vehicle with a speed similar to your own, ensure that you meet the driving interval and follow the vehicle. When there is a car on the opposite side, change the light, use the near light or let the light shine down. If the lights on the opposite side are dazzling, avoid the direct light on the opposite side, move the vision to the right shoulder, and make parking preparation.
    4、 Except as a last resort, when driving at night, it is necessary to prevent parking on the shoulder. If it breaks down due to faults, the vehicle can be parked at a suitable position on the shoulder, and a warning sign for the faulty vehicle shall be set 100 meters behind the direction of travel, with the wide light and tail light on.
    5、 When driving at night, pay close attention to the falling objects on the road. There are many such cases. It is found that the falling objects are too late or the driver does not see them. The driver turns the steering wheel violently, causing the vehicle to sideslip or collide with other objects.
    It should be specially pointed out that dusk and dawn are also part of the night. At this time, the first measure to protect your safety is to turn on the lights as soon as possible and put off the lights later. The dusk time line is dim, the light reflected by the object is very weak, and the driver has a dark adaptation process. In this process, it is not easy for the driver to find traffic signs or obstacles, and the judgment ability of distance and speed is significantly reduced. In addition, the physiological conditions are close to the worst state, which is the time of frequent accidents.