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    1. Change the lubricating oil of cement mixer engine irregularly
    通常,國內水泥攪拌車發動機型號的制造商在行駛5000 km-15000 km時要求用戶更換潤滑油,而增壓攪拌車則需要發動機型號 行駛5000公里時將被替換。 如果攪拌機運轉不充分或處于停止狀態,則需要每六個月更換一次機油。 當然,如果駕駛員的環境和油質良好,則可以適當延長換油間隔和時間。
    Generally, the domestic cement mixer engine manufacturers require users to change the lubricating oil when driving 5000-15000 km, while the supercharged mixer engine will be replaced when driving 5000 km. If the mixer is not running sufficiently or is stopped, the oil needs to be changed every six months. Of course, if the driver's environment and oil quality are good, the oil change interval and time can be appropriately extended.
    2. Change the oil filter irregularly
    機油濾清器的功能是過濾雜質,因此必須與機油一起更換。 如果不更換,機油將不會過濾,這將導致攪拌車的內部零件由于機油中的雜質而加速磨損。
    The function of the oil filter is to filter impurities, so it must be changed together with the oil. If it is not changed, the oil will not be filtered, which will lead to accelerated wear of internal parts of the mixer due to impurities in the oil.
    3. Change the air filter of mixer from time to time
    如果過濾器濾網嚴重堵塞,則進氣阻力會增加,攪拌車的發動機功率會下降。 同時,由于空氣阻力的增加,吸入的汽油量也將增加,導致混合比過高,這將使混合動力卡車發動機的運行狀態惡化,增加燃料消耗并易于產生 碳沉積物。 通常,您應該養成經常檢查攪拌車的空氣過濾器濾芯的習慣。
    If the filter screen is seriously blocked, the intake resistance will increase and the engine power of the mixer will decrease. At the same time, due to the increase of air resistance, the amount of gasoline inhaled will also increase, resulting in high mixing ratio, which will worsen the running state of hybrid truck engine, increase fuel consumption and easily produce carbon deposits. In general, you should form the habit of checking the air filter element of mixer truck frequently.
    4。 不時更換攪拌車的制動液。
    4。  Change the brake fluid of the mixer from time to time.
    制動液的一個特征是它吸收空氣中的水。 攪拌車的制動液壓系統必須允許制動液與大氣連通,以使其正常運行。 在高溫下會吸入水并變成氣泡。 當攪拌車的制動油回路中出現氣泡時,制動效率將降低。 因此,應根據氣候,操作環境,季節變化和工作條件檢查制動液的質量和性能,以按時更換制動液。 一般建議:每兩年或行駛50,000公里時進行更換,并記住在選擇和更換制動液時的注意事項:請勿混合使用不同類型和品牌的制動液。 由于公式不同,混合制動液會導致制動液指示器下降。
    A characteristic of brake fluid is that it absorbs water from the air. The brake hydraulic system of the mixer must allow the brake fluid to be connected with the atmosphere for normal operation. At high temperatures, water is drawn in and becomes bubbles. When bubbles appear in the brake oil circuit of the mixer, the braking efficiency will be reduced. Therefore, the quality and performance of the brake fluid should be checked according to the climate, operating environment, seasonal changes and working conditions, so as to replace the brake fluid on time. General advice: change every two years or when driving 50000 km, and remember the precautions when selecting and changing brake fluid: do not mix different types and brands of brake fluid. Due to different formulas, mixed brake fluid will cause the brake fluid indicator to drop.
    5。 不定期更換攪拌車的防凍劑。
    5。  Change the antifreeze of mixer from time to time.
    如果長時間不更換防凍劑,其防腐,防銹和防垢功能將降低,這將導致攪拌車冷卻系統出現故障甚至生銹。 一般來說,防凍劑通常每1.5至2年更換一次。
    If the antifreeze is not replaced for a long time, its anti-corrosion, anti rust and anti scaling functions will be reduced, which will lead to the failure or even rust of the mixer cooling system. In general, antifreeze is usually replaced every 1.5 to 2 years.
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