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    There are many reasons for the concrete to coagulate in the tank of cement mixer, except that the mixing tank is not cleaned in time. The main reason is that the engine of the mixer can't work and there is no power input to the hydraulic press, which causes the hydraulic press to stop working, so that the charging tank can't rotate and the concrete can coagulate in the tank of cement mixer. We know that concrete is made of aggregate (sand, stone), cementitious material (commonly used cement) and water in a certain proportion.
    The first mixed concrete is flowable and can be made into various shapes with formwork. The solidification of concrete is mainly due to the chemical reaction of cement with water and air. The time of cement mixing with water to the beginning of setting is called initial setting time, and the time of completely losing fluidity is called final setting time. Know the cause of concrete solidification in the mixer, large concrete mixer to share the solution to this problem. Large concrete mixer
    Method 1: after the concrete solidifies, its main components are dicalcium silicate and tricalcium silicate. In theory, hydrochloric acid can react with it to release its solid state. Because the mixer's feed port is very small, the amount of hydrochloric acid is difficult to control, and hydrochloric acid can also react with the mixer tank, so the operation is difficult to achieve. In practice, electric welding or gas cutting is often used to cut the tank, and then the solidified concrete is broken mechanically. Large concrete mixer
    Method 2: smash the set concrete with "air cannon", and then shovel it out a little bit! The lower part of the tank needs to be cut with an opening and opened with a cover that was originally tightened with a rose. This cover is used to turn on the air when there is a need to go in for work and to discharge materials in case of emergency. In the process of canning, people need to ventilate inside the tank, and a fan is placed at the inlet of the charging tank to blow in. When the "air gun" works, it will cause dust, and it will also connect the water pipe to wet the broken concrete. After the concrete in the tank is broken and shoveled out, the cut part is welded, the upper cover is sealed, the water is filled to test whether the underwater rotation is normal, and a small amount of material is added to see whether the hydraulic press works normally, and everything is normal, then it can continue to operate.
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