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    1. Mixer, concrete mixer tuyere upward control temperature difference
    The air conditioning temperature of mixer truck and concrete mixer truck should not be adjusted too low, the wind speed should not be too high, and the temperature difference between the surface and inside of the car should not exceed 10 ℃. For non constant temperature air conditioning, you can set the cooling air temperature at the lowest level and the wind speed at the highest level. When you feel cold, you can raise the temperature a little and lower the wind speed by a gear. If it is still cold, you can raise the temperature a little and then lower the wind speed. Repeat this is the accurate operation. When the temperature outside the mixer and concrete mixer reaches above 30 ℃, the temperature inside the mixer and concrete mixer should be controlled to 25 ℃.
    2. Mixer, concrete mixer to the destination first turn off the air conditioning
    Turn off the air conditioner three or five minutes before arriving at the destination. It can not only reduce the fuel consumption, but also prevent the air conditioner from smelling. Turn off the air conditioner a few minutes before parking the mixer and the concrete mixer, and increase the air volume properly. Before parking the mixer and the concrete mixer, increase the temperature in the air conditioning pipe, so as to reduce the occurrence of condensation water. If we insist on the relatively dry air conditioning system of the mixer and the concrete mixer, there will be no living space for mold.
    The cooling agent is actually dry ice, which evaporates in a flash and then becomes CO2. It only needs a lot of application (too high CO2 concentration is still harmful to human body), which can play a cooling effect.
    3. Start mixing truck first, concrete mixing truck air conditioning external circulation
    When it's hot, the temperature in the concrete mixer may be as high as 60 ℃ or 70 ℃ in the hot sun. When you get on the mixer, you should open the door and window first to release the heat accumulated in the car, and don't rush to close the window. Turn on the mixer first, and the air conditioner of the concrete mixer will circulate externally. When the temperature inside and outside the car is close, close the window and start the internal circulation. When the temperature in the mixer truck and concrete mixer truck reaches the normal and comfortable state, close the damper immediately to achieve the effect of rapid cooling.
    4. Mixer truck, concrete mixer truck, open the window in traffic jam
    Long time use of air conditioning will make the mixer and concrete mixer condenser pressure too high, which will not only cause loss to the mixer and concrete mixer refrigeration system, but also reduce the refrigeration effect of mixer and concrete mixer air conditioning. Therefore, in the mixer, the temperature in the concrete mixer is now let you heat up, you might as well turn off the air conditioner for a while.
    "Car cooling agent" refers to the cooling of the engine temperature, called "antifreeze". It is specially used to cool the engine temperature, which has no effect on the interior of the car or the house. Car cooling agent can be sensitive to cool down, now there are many car cooling agents in the world, the composition is dry ice, which is harmless to the human body, but some are added with aromatic agent, which makes people more sad. It's better to choose tasteless, environmental protection and health! It can be used safely