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    來源:http://www.rakiaco.com/ 日期:2021-06-21 發布人:admin
    1、 Safety of concrete mixer
    In the purchase of concrete mixer, the owner must strictly verify the following relevant procedures: motor vehicle registration certificate, vehicle license, purchase additional tax, vehicle insurance, road maintenance fee, vehicle and ship use tax, and pay attention to the vehicle frame number and engine number in the relevant documents must be consistent with the actual vehicle.
    2、 Condition inspection of concrete mixer truck:
    The concrete mixer vehicle condition inspection should follow the principle of from the outside to the inside. The specific inspection steps are: left and right lampshade, steering lampshade, fog lampshade and the old and new degree in front of the hood, and whether the shell color is consistent. If it is inconsistent, it means that these parts have been replaced due to collision; Check the body (pay attention to whether the door, window insert, wheel drum and exhaust pipe have been repainted; Whether the painting color of the inner side of the hood and the engine is inconsistent with the body color; Open the engine hood and check the front end and front axle for deformation and collision marks; Check the front wheel toe in. If the front wheel alignment has been deformed, it indicates that a serious collision accident may have occurred.
    3、 Matters needing attention in signing purchase contract of concrete mixer truck
    The buyer and the seller should sign a sales contract. In the contract, both parties should clearly fill in the relevant data of the vehicle, the condition of the vehicle, the service commitment, the cost burden, and the solutions to the problems, so as to avoid the problems without basis in the future, and also ensure the rights and interests of both parties.
    4、 Improve the change of procedures.
    It mainly includes "motor vehicle registration certificate", "motor vehicle driving license", valid motor vehicle safety technical inspection mark, vehicle purchase tax payment certificate, road maintenance fee payment certificate, vehicle and vessel use tax payment certificate, vehicle insurance policy and vehicle purchase invoice, etc., and checks the authenticity of relevant documents, and handles the change of insurance in time, Avoid unnecessary trouble in claiming.
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